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Swiss Artisan's Anvil - 220 lb.

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article from anvilfire.com can be found here

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article from anvilfire.com can be found here

article from anvilfire.com can be found here

article from anvilfire.com can be found here

This large, modern 100 kg anvil for sale at Blacksmiths Depot was made as a result of close cooperation between Polish and Swiss blacksmiths. It is the best for those who are interested in artistic metalworking. This single horn anvil has a hardy hole for attaching mandrel tools and three pritchel holes of different diameter to punch holes in the material.
The horn of the Perun anvil is a slim cone in shape with a shifted symmetry axis. The special shape of the horn allows the most complex but precise work such as bending material at any angle or making the rings with steady, regular diameter. 
The face of the Perun anvil is divided into two parts: a convex one, which is used to draw the material or to bend it, and a flat one, which can be useful in other blacksmith works. It is important that both parts are based on anvil's solid body so the energy from forging is well absorbed. The back part of the face is asymmetrical if you look from the bottom. That's why you can process the material with the volute ending either accross or along the anvil's axis. The back edge of the anvil has a step used for bending the material at an angle less than 90°.

Due to the production process, the round holes in particular anvils may be slightly displaced from the longitudinal axis of the anvil. The displation does not affect its functionality in any way.

  • See drawing for dimensions

Professional anvil

Single horn with slight rise from base of horn to tip.

Weight: 100 kg
Material: specially-chosen alloy steel 
The face: smoothen and selectively hardenedAdditional information: 

  • tapered shape horn
  • a round hole: 12, 16, 22 [mm] and a square hole 25 [mm]
  • a jumping-up foot at the base
  • base from the bottom of grinding
  • colour: graphite


Finish on curved working surfaces of  Anvils (Horns) MAY require final finishing and polishing by Master Blacksmith if desired.

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