Wonderlok 'EM

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Wonderlok Hammer handle repairs
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Wonderlok Hammer handle repairs
Wonderlok Hammer handle repairs
Wonderlok Hammer handle repairs

Quick Wooden handle repair.  Drive the handle back on>set the wedge >put a few drop on the end>wait 5 minutes and try it out

Are you tired of loose wooden joints that wobble, squeak or loosen over time? Looking for a loose chair repair solution that actually works? Tite Chairs quickly fixes those wooden joint problems. Just squeeze a few drops of Tite Chairs into the loose joint.

Tite Chairs is not a wood sweller, but is actually a super powerful adhesive with almost 4000 pounds per square inch of holding power.  Not only is it super strong, Tite Chairs is also super thin.  This means that it can penetrate loose joints in chairs and other furniture without having to take them apart!  That means less time for the repair and less mess to clean up.  Tite Chairs Wonderlok 'Em is not just for furniture; it works great on loose tool handles, staircase spindles and dovetail joints, as well as metal, rubber, glass and most ceramics.

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