Trewax - Mahogany

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Trewax - Mahogany
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Trewax - Mahogany
Trewax - Mahogany
Trewax - Mahogany

Bring back that traditional look with trewax mahogqany paste wax.  Perfect for all your forged items

Mahogany Tre-wax - its only colored on wood.   On steel it looks like clear wax.

Trewax Paste Wax

Try this on your metalwork instead of beeswax.  It goes on easier without preheating and does not whiten like beeswax.

Many metalworkers will also add boiled linseed oil for even better protection

Trewax® Paste Wax contains Brazilian Carnauba, the world's hardest natural wax ensuring a lustrous, hard, long wearing finish. Trewax® Paste Wax restores the original rich brilliance of hardwood floors and can also be used on fine wood furniture and unpolished marble surfaces. A 12.35 oz can will cover approximately 800 square feet. Trewax® Paste Wax dries quickly and is non-slip.
The 12.35 oz. is a weight, not volume, therefore clear wax may be higher in can than Mahogany due to carnuba content
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