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Waxes & Coatings

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  1. Original Beeswax Polish

    Original Beeswax Polish Spray
  2. Trewax Paste Wax

    Trewax Paste Wax in Clear and Mahogany

    Starting at: $10.00

  3. Black Stove Polish

    Imperial Black stove polish
  4. Scratch-N-Dent Black Stove polish

    Scratch-N-Dent Rutland Black stove polish

    2.7 fl.oz. tube

    One tube had busted in the case, so some have dried black on outside of tube.

    Contents of tube untouched

  5. GFlex Epoxy Kit - 8oz.

    Two part epoxy for attaching scales and knife handles to knives
  6. Satanite Refractory Mortar - 5 lb.

    Bring out temper lines in your blades or increase the durability of your gas forge with this coating

  7. ITC-100 High Temp Ceramic Coating

    ITC-100 - 1 Pint refractory coating
  8. Clear Guard UV Clearcoat

    Clear Guard - UV stable

    Starting at: $11.00

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10 Item(s)