5/8" Railroad Spikes

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Railroad Spikes -Railroad Nails

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Forging your first knife, hatchet, tomahawk, letter opener, bottle opener, etc.  Try these spikes.

  • Drop forged in the USA
  • 5/8" x 6"
  • forge finish with mill scale

In the past there were two distinct grades of track spikes, “low carbon (LC)” and “high carbon (HC)”. The older “low carbon” spikes specified and very low carbon content of around 0.13%C.  The new track spikes have an average content of about 0.22%C. The revised specification was designed to “bridge” the gap between the older low and high carbon grades. The carbon range for these track spikes is from 0.17 to 0.25%C, and the manganese content is 0.90-1.35%Mn.  Both of these elements increase the strength of the material.

The goal was to provide a railroad spike with the higher strength of the high carbon spike and the impact resistance and ductility of the low carbon spike. This specification has a minimum yield strength requirement of 46,000 psi; high for a low to medium carbon product. Thus, the resultant railroad spikes have the advantage of improved impact resistance and improved ductility, while maintaining a relatively high strength.

Forge or Mill finish as it leaves the mill  (this maybe scaley and/or have surface rust


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