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One of the most common top and bootom sets are called fullers.  The term "fuller" comes from the cloth making industry where round ended beaters are used on cloth to loosen thread fibers. This made the cloth softer and "fuller". The process probably predates metal working by thousands of years.  In smithing a fuller is a tool with a round or parabolic "nose" that is driven into the hot metal.

Than there is the round swage.  Round swages are for making a round area truer after the initial forging process.  Commonly used in the mortise and tenon process of joinery, but can be useful for many other processes

Flatters are also common in this category.  As the name says its for flattening.  Commonly used in knife-making to get and area of the blader flat. Often used to make and offset more precise and even and squareing of the corner od that offset.  

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Top & Bottom Tools

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  1. Economy Top and Bottom Fullers

    Imported Fullers for use on the anvil

    Starting at: $50.00

  2. Bottom Round Swages

    Bottom round swages

    Starting at: $75.00

  3. OC Baby Flatter

    1-1/2" small face flatter
  4. Anvil Block - Bottom Set

    Anvil Set block

    Starting at: $60.00

  5. German Top and Bottom Fullers

    German made Fullers for use on the anvil

    Starting at: $75.00

  6. Drawing Blocks

    Drawing Blocks with 1" & 3/4" hardy shanks

    Starting at: $60.00

  7. Jim Poor Flatter 2-3/8"

    Full Size flatter
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Set Descending Direction


7 Item(s)