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OC Wolf Jaws


Scrolling & Flat Pliers

German Wolf Jaws

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German Wolf jaw tongs are the most universal and popular blacksmith tong we sell

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German Wolf Jaws

Wolf - 300mm

German Wolf Jaws

Wolf - 400mm

German Wolf Jaws

Wolf - 500mm

German Wolf Jaws

Wolf - 600mm

German Wolf Jaws

Wolf - 700mm

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Arguably the most universal tongs in the world, these forging tongs are for general work of varying sizes.

These are the traditional/original German Peddinghaus version not the French version sold by others.

German forged full duty tongs made as they have been for 1/2 a century.


  • 300mm - approx. 12" long - holds 3/16" - 3/8" 
  • 400mm - approx. 16" long - holds 5/16" - 5/8" 
  • 500mm - approx. 20" long - holds 3/8" - 1" 
  • 600mm - approx. 24" long - holds 7/16" - 1-1/4" 
  • 700mm - approx. 28" long - holds 1/2" - 1-3/8
  • Set of 3 includes 300,400, and 500mm sizes

We recommend v-bit or box jaws for holding flat bar

  1. Great all around tongs review by ACE on 4/26/2018

    If you are having trouble with holding on to something 9 out of 10 times these tongs can get a grip on it in some way. I use them all the time, highly recomend.

  2. Wolf Jaw 300 and 500 review by Cliff on 4/13/2016

    Built quite well and feel great in the hands. As a beginning smith, I was looking for quality, value, and flexibility. The ability for these tongs to grip multiple types and sizes of stock have allowed me to experiment with more materials without having to purchase more specialized tongs. They have been a good investment and I suggest them to other budding smiths. The value model is great.

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