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Smithing Kits

There is no one Blacksmith kit that is perfect for every situation that we metalworkers get into.  We believe that our kits contains mostly items that are needed to be safe and productive. Shops all over the country, including ours, have many, many, many tools that are rarely, if ever, used.  Why waste your hard earned cash on products that will not be used.  Our blacksmithing kits contain items that were popular items before we decided to sell kits at all.  Starting with a beginner size and popular shape of hammer, a versatile pair of tongs, some safety items and you will have the basics.  The books in some of the blacksmithing kits have been used in classrooms and have proven themselves to be informative and even more importantly current.   We have several sizes metalworking kits from the most basic to the "Dreamer," which has all you need to get an amazing start in the forging world.  The items in our kits are premium and will serve you as a beginners or a master blacksmith. 

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Smithing Kits

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  1. Small Blacksmiths Tool Kit

    Small Beginner blacksmith tools kit
  2. Super Large Blacksmiths Tool Kit

    Super Large Beginner kit with a coal forge
  3. "The Dreamer" - Blacksmiths Tool Kit

    "The Dreamer" Beginner kit with a coal forge and peddinghaus anvil
  4. Bladesmith Kit #1

    Starter Bladesmith Kit

    As low as: $395.00

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6 Item(s)