Red Juma® Gem Scales

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Red Gem

Redish pink wavey pattern for blades

  • 0.25" x 2" x 6"
  • sold in pairs

Redish Pink wavey pattern for blades

Juma® is a high quality, modern processing material for production of components and art objects.  It is a collection of various minerals embedded in resin.

Red Juma scales have:

  • Excellent work-ability such as drilling, milling, grinding and polishing
  • low breakage due to is high modulus of elasticity and homogeneous structure
  • high quality surface due to high surface hardness and low abrasion loss
  • resistant to many common substances such as detergents and oils
  • low water absorption
  • can be thermally shaped in boiling water

Knife handle scales and materials are sold in pairs.

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