UBox Tongs

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Ubox Tongs - 3/4"

Ubox Tongs - 1"

Ubox Tongs - 1-1/4"

Ubox Tongs - 1-1/2"

Ubox Tongs - 1-3/4"

Ubox Tongs - 2"

Size designated by width of flat bar

max. thickness = 0.28" (1/4"+)

Off -Center 18" forging tongs for hold flat stock 

These forge tongs for sale are designed to hold up to 1/4" thick flat bar, but work great with 3/16" thickness as well

Great for blade making. Sometimes called "Z" tongs" due to the offset.

Offset just enough to bypass the pivot joint so you can hold anywhere along your blade blank.

Set includes the 4 smallest sizes

Drop Forged in the USA

Featured in Blade Magazine Spring 2015 issue!

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