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Basic horseshoeing tools for the horseshoer - farrier. We carry farrier tongs, anvils, flatters, and other horseshoe supplies, including the popular Diamond farrier tools. We are slowly expanding our line of farrier tools. View our large selection of horse shoeing equipment below and if you need something let us know. We're happy to help!

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Horseshoeing Tools

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  1. Diamond™ Rounding Hammers

    Common Hammer for the Horseshoer and Farrier

    Starting at: $44.00

  2. OC Fuller/Flatter

    Fuller -Flatter from Off-Center Products

    Starting at: $35.00

  3. Farrier Race Track Driving Hammers

    Driving Hammers

    Starting at: $38.00

  4. Blacksmith Bickern I

    Stake Anvil - Bickern finished for use in blacksmithing and forging shops.

  5. Diamond™ Rounding Hammer Set

    1.5 lb. & 2.5 lb. Diamond™ Rounding hammers
  6. DIY Coal Forge Set

    Do-it-Yourself Forge build
  7. 14" Original Horse Rasp

    Save Edge® Original Horse Rasp
  8. "Final Touch" Horse Rasp

    Save Edge® Final Touch Hoof Rasp
  9. "Beast" Horse Rasp

    14" x 2.25" Save Edge® Beast Horse Rasp
  10. German Horseshoers Nippers

    German forged nippers with rubber coated handles
  11. German Clinchers

    German forged Clinchers with rubber coated handles
  12. Perun Farrier Anvil - 88 lb.

    Professional Farriers Anvil from Poland. Find the Farrier supplies you need online today.

  13. Jim Poor Pritchel

    Flatland Forge Pritchel punch
  14. Anvil Devel

    Save Edge Anvil Devil
  15. Jumbo Block Brush

    Jumbo Block Brush
  16. Rolling Forge

    Portable coal/coke forge
  17. Jim Poor Clipping Hammers

    Clipping hammers for the farrier

    Starting at: $195.00

  18. Jim Poor Ball Pein Hammer

    Texas Ball Pein Clipping hammer - 2lb
  19. Jim Poor Cross Pein Hammers

    Cross pein clipping hammers

    Starting at: $195.00

  20. Jim Poor Rounding Hammers

    Common Hammer for the Horseshoer and Farrier

    Starting at: $195.00

  21. Jim Poor Clinch Cutter

    Premium clinch cutter
  22. Jim Poor Forepunches

    Flatland Forged City & E-head Forepunches with steel handles

    Starting at: $60.00

  23. Diamond™ Pritchel

    Diamond™ Pritchel punch
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24 Item(s)