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Handles & Wedges

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  1. Round Safety Wedges

    in two sizes

    Starting at: $0.50

  2. Flat Metal Wedges

    flat metal wedge
  3. French Wedge Sets

    multi-pack of 2 or 5

    Starting at: $2.50

  4. Peddinghaus Style Handle Kit

    Swedish style Hammer handle with conical safety wedge
  5. Wonderlok 'EM

    Wonderlok Hammer handle repairs
  6. Depot Handle kit

    Depot handle with safety wedge edge
  7. Czech Handle kit

    Replacement rectangular handle for your czech hammers with wedge
  8. Standard Tomahawk handle

    Teardrop shaped tapered handle for homemade folded eye tomahawks.
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8 Item(s)