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Blacksmith Hammers for all your forging needs.

The blacksmith hammers and forging tools we sell are designed to be put in the hands of professional blacksmiths therefore the edges of these hammers may require final radius'ing.   Most professional Blacksmiths have their own idea as to the radius they need.

For more info on this subject please read the book by Mark Aspery,  Skills of a Blacksmith, Volume 1, Chapter 3.

A note about Flame Hardening of wood handles   - The Indians discovered that tempering hickory over live flame gave the wood a hard protective finish, a tightly sealed surface that resisted harmful weather. This process actually strengthened the fibers of hickory, the toughest wood known.   The principle of live flame tempering remains unchanged. But where the Indians went at it trial and error, today the process is regulated with the most modern equipment to make sure that the moisture is removed at slow enough rate and to proper levels.  If  moisture is removed too quickly and too much the wood will crack.  In fact, due to this kiln drying process used today, it is believed that flame hardening handles that have already been kiln dried may be detrimental.   Flame Hardening of hammer handles and other forging tools purchased from Blacksmiths Depot is not recommended.

Moving metal is what the forging blacksmith hammer is for.  Whether we use one or many depends on the work we do.  Some blacksmiths are able to use one hammer to move metal in many directions and still have control of those directions.  Some will use several forging hammers to achieve the desired outcome.  Ball peen hammers and round faced hammers are generally not the standard blacksmith forging hammer as they have move metal in an elliptical movement which means less control.  Forging hammers with square faces will move metal in a more controlled method.  The traditional cross peen hammer is a German style blacksmith hammer, but Swedish and Czech style forging hammers are very popular. We also have blacksmith hammer handles if you prefer to forge your own hammer.

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  1. Czech Style Hammers

    We call it a Czech hammer others call it a Hofi or a Ergonomic hammer

    Starting at: $50.00

  2. German - 4000g - Sledge

    4000 gr. (8.8 lb.) sledge hammer
  3. Goldsmith's Hammer - 100 gr.

    0.22 pound goldsmiths or jewelers hammer
  4. Sledge - 3000 gr. - Hultafors

    Buy this German sledge hammer made in Sweden.
  5. Sledge - 4000 gr. - Hultafors

    This Hultafors blacksmith hammer for sale is made in Sweden.
  6. Sledge - 5000 gr. - Hultafors

    German sledge hammer tool made in Sweden.
  7. Club Hammer Head Blanks

    club hammer head in 3 sizes

    Starting at: $25.00

  8. Larson Rounding Hammer - 2.25 lb

    Premium Brazeal Hammer for the Horseshoer and Farrier
  9. Blacksmiths Depot Rounding Hammer - 2.5 lb

    Blacksmiths Depot Brand Rounding 2.5 lb. hammer

    see more in description below

  10. Blacksmiths Depot Nordic - 1500 gr.

    Nordic Hammer Blacksmiths Depot Brand

    See description below for further info

  11. 4140 Hammer Head Blanks

    AISI 4140 Hammer steel blanks are available in 4 sizes

    Starting at: $8.00

  12. Extended Peen Hammer

    0.45 lb cross-peen hammer
  13. Round Safety Wedges

    in two sizes

    Starting at: $0.50

  14. Farrier Race Track Driving Hammers

    Driving Hammers

    Starting at: $28.00

  15. Czech Hammer - 3 lb.

    3 lb. Czech style hammer. Similar to the Ergonomic Hofi Hammer


  16. Jim Poor Rounding Hammers

    Common Hammer for the Horseshoer and Farrier

    Starting at: $210.00

  17. Diagonal Peen hammer

    diagonal peen hammer
  18. Czech Hammer Set

    2 & 3 lb. Czech hammers together
  19. Wonderlok 'EM

    Wonderlok Hammer handle repairs
  20. Ball Peen Hammers

    1 & 1.5" ball peen hammers

    Starting at: $35.00

  21. Depot Handle kit

    Depot handle with safety wedge edge
  22. Picard #219 Raising hammer - 375 gr.

    219 Raising - Chasing Hammer - 375 grams
  23. Swedish Style Hammers

    7 sizes of Swedish hammers to choose from

    Starting at: $30.00

  24. Nordic Hammers

    Nordic hammers are available in 3 sizes or a set of 3

    Starting at: $35.00

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Items 1 to 25 of 39 total

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