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Straight Peen Hammers

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Vertical peen hammers
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Straight Peen - 1250 gr.

Straight Peen - 1500 gr.

Straight Peen - 2000 gr.
Vertical peen hammers
Vertical peen hammers
Vertical peen hammers

Straight peen hammers for specialized work.

This black smith hammer is more popular in the US than in Europe this evidenced by the availability of cross peens versus straight peens.

Available in 4 sizes and a set of 3 larger sizes

  • 1000 gram = 2.2 lb 
  • 1250 grams = 2.76 lb
  • 1500 gram = 3.3 lb
  • 2000 gram = 4.4 lb

 Hickory handles

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