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Small and powerful blowers.

The blowers we sell have a proven record.  It is said that in order to have proper air for your coal forge there should be enough pressure to levitate the coal or coke.  This allows for clinkers to be pushed out of the way, Requiring less down time in raking out your clinkers.  Each size has an intended use, stick to the sizes and you will get plenty of pressure.  Dont be confused by CFM as it is possible to have high cfm with little pressure.


***All forge Blowers designed to be mounted with feet on the bottom.***

Blowers are tested by manufacturer in upright position and have shown longest life in that position.  Using it at other angles may wear differently on the bearings.   There are several factors that shorten the life of blowers including:

  • Low voltage - from extension cords with too small gauge wiring or any low voltage
  • wet envioronment
  • high temperature - mounted above any heat source including a forge....heat rises
  • and more


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