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Cutting Tools

The hot cut is one of the most common cutting tools a blacksmith can have. These "hacking irons" can be used to cut stock down to size, trim forgings, apply decorative cuts to pieces or split bars down their center line. There are many styles of metal cutting hand tools or hot cut hardy's, like chisels, handled hot cutter, handled cold cutter and many more types of cutters. Many of the metal cutting tools are designed for special purposes and will stand the test of time better if used in those situations. Some slitters are even made from some of the most advanced materials to help them deal with the tremendous amount of heat they must handle. If you are a one man operation a spring swage cutter or a guillotine cutter might work better for you as it will minimize the danger of a sharp edge moving in the wrong direction and cutting something vital to you or your project. Maybe all you need is a cut-off hardy tool. We live in an era with many tools for cutting metal but sometimes using one that is already close by such as a cutting hardy will save some time and cut down on trips across the shop to the bandsaw.

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Cutting Tools

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  1. V Style Chisel Hardy - 7/8"

    V style cutting hardy with 7/8 shank
  2. Fullering Spring Swages

    Spring swages for creases, necking, notching and many other things

    Should be used hands-free...see

    Starting at: $75.00

  3. 14" Original Horse Rasp

    Save Edge® Original Horse Rasp
  4. Cold Cutter

    Cold Cutter - 1500 gr.
  5. Anvil Devel

    Save Edge Anvil Devil
  6. 9" Chop saw blades

    Chop saw blades
  7. 14" Chop saw blades

    Chop saw blades
  8. Traditional Cut-Off Hardy's

    Cutting Hardy Tool

    Starting at: $50.00

  9. German Hardy

    German forged hardy may require some final finishing to shank to properly fit your anvil.
  10. Mini Standard and Sidecut Hardy's

    Blacksmith Mini / Stubby Hardy in 3/4" 1" & 1¾" shanks

    Starting at: $50.00

  11. French Hot Cutter

    Hot Cutter - 1500 gr.
  12. German Hot Cutter- Long handle

    German Hot Cutter - long handle
  13. Tong Slit Chisels

    Tong Slitters in two cutting widths

    Starting at: $32.00

  14. Hacking Chisel

    Hacking Chisel
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15 Item(s)