If you would like to come visit we require an appointment be made at least 24 hours in advance of your arrival. We only have appointments available in the afternoon.

Walk-ins are not allowed.


Dont be fooled by cheaper shipping.  Better Quality Blacksmithing Tools and Better Prices all at Blacksmiths Depot We would like to be your first source for forging tools.

In 1995, we began selling new forging tools from around the world.  But, the story is much, much older and can be read about on the about us page.   We were using these blacksmithing tools decades before we started selling them.  We know how to use them and what materials they need to be made from so they will last a lifetime.

We have continued our search for forging tools and have created many to encompass the growing number of situation that metalworkers get into.

If you are a Blacksmith or an Artist-Blacksmith, a Farrier or Horsehoer, a Knife-maker or Bladesmith, an Armorer or a Jeweler, or just someone who likes to play with metal, we have the quality tools and supplies you need……….and want.  And we have much more.


The centerpiece of any forging shop.  If you buy a new anvil, do you want it to look like new for decades or degrade in a short time.  Why buy new if it’s going to look old fast.  We sell tough anvils and we are constantly testing other brands to make sure we are getting great anvils to sell to you.  We carry top-of-the-line Forged and Cast anvils made from alloys that are designed for the abuse an anvil must be able to take.

Forging & Specialty Hammers

Pick your hammer…we have em’.   Move your material in the direction you want.  All it takes is hammer control and a quality hammer from Blacksmiths Depot.  We have all the name brands of hammers and our own brand too.  Peddinghuas handwerks, MOB, Picard, and many more.  Straight peens, Cross peens, Rounding, Clipping, Repousse’, Chasing, Sinking, Doming, Raising…………


If you can’t hold it securely, it can be extremely dangerous.  Tongs are very shape and size specific, but we have ones that are a little bit more versatile.   Try our own brand that is forged in our own shop, or try a European brand like Peddinghaus Handwerk, or Perun.  We also carry Economy tongs that are cast, but still tough and comfortable to hold.  We have tongs that are designed to hold blades, flat bar, round and square bar and many that can hold other shapes too.

Spring Swages and Texture Tools

So you got a job with many more elements than you are used to and do not want to go to weld on pieces that look cast.   Forge it quickly with one of our spring wages or texture tools.  These are not forged from forgings.  They are forged from crisp machined alloy steel dies.  Get first generation forgings from these every time.

Punches & Chisels

Hardy Tools

Books & Videos


Bolts, Screws and Rivets

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