Fullering Spring Swages

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Spring Fuller for Pipe

Spring Fuller

90° Spring Fuller
Spring swages for creases, necking, notching and many other things

Should be used hands-free...see https://www.blacksmithsdepot.com/products/spring-swages/add-on-hardy-shanks.html

*****The dies of these spring swages are drop forged S7 tool steel.  The dies are heat treated after forging and than welded to a mild steel spring.  The weld wire is a high tensil strength wire designed for use with dissimilar materials. However the weld is also the stress point.  Due to the liklihood that each blow will not be even the weld will eventual fracture.  It is for this reason that we can only replace these if the dies themselves fail and and for reasonable amount of time and use.  

DO NOT USE Hands to hold under a power hammer.

S7 heat treated dies with mild steel spring area.

Forged in the USA

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