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Perun Two Horn Anvil - 165 lb.

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165 lb. Two horn from Poland
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165 lb. Two horn from Poland
165 lb. Two horn from Poland
165 lb. Two horn from Poland

This traditionally shaped anvil can be used in all kinds of forges and other metalworking workshops. The anvil has a longer face than in most one-horn anvils of the same weight. That's why it is especially recommended for blacksmiths who make melee weapon.The anvil has a hardy hole for attaching mandrel tools and two pritchel holes for punching the material.
The horns of the anvil are slim cones in shape with a shifted symmetry axis. The special shape of the horns allows the most complex but precise bending work. The back of the face ends with pyramidal horn which allows to process longer stuff when needed. There is also a step for metalworking in the leg part of the anvil.
The anvil's leg is made on a circular plan, a unique solution, which you won't find in any other anvils produced in the world. That's why the whole anvil is extremely stable during the work. The surface of the leg is milled at the bottom, so that the anvil adheres firmly to the ground. Thanks to this solution,the energy from forging is well absorbed and all the bothersome sounds generated during forging are muffled.

  • see drawing for dimensions

Finish on curved working surfaces of  Anvils (Horns) MAY require final finishing and polishing by Master Blacksmith if desired.

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