Norton Norax Abrasive Belt - 2 x 72 x 320 grit

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2x72 belt-320
2" x 72" sanding belts for sale
Thanks to the micro-structured, Norton bluefire 3D abrasive grain where thousands of small grits are formed in several layers for uniform surface contact, Norax belts provide the most uniform scratch pattern and a consistent finish on stainless steel, chrome cobalt and aluminum. In addition, this abrasive structure can outlast conventional abrasives with 2-5x longer life.    
Finally, Norax enables you to skip steps in the finishing process by reducing the number of belts needed to achieve a final finish and reduce downtime and belt changes thanks to the longer lasting abrasive structure. Drive down your finishing costs and production time with Norton Norax.
  • 2" x 72"
  • 320 grit
  • aluminum oxide
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