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ITC-100 High Temp Ceramic Coating

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ITC-100 - 1 Pint refractory coating
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ITC-100 - 1 Pint refractory coating
ITC-100 - 1 Pint refractory coating
ITC-100 - 1 Pint refractory coating

ITC -100 is a high temperature ceramic coating, designed and proven to achieve outstanding energy savings and refractory protection. TIt can be used alone or as a base coat for other ITC products.

Applications include coating Kaowool, Inswool or other soft friable refractories including lightweight castable and insulating bricks.

1 Pint container -  coats up to 12" sq. ft.


To mix, simply add ½ container (1/2 pint) of water to one full container of ITC 100HT. Use only clean potable water with temperatures between 400 F and 850 F (50 C and 300 C).

Clean surface of loose debris and moisten surface.   

Apply several thin and thorough coats.  Pay special attention to corners and tight areas.  Allow at least 24 hours, but preferably 48 between each coat and prior to firing.  Spraying with a texture pairting system is recommended but paint brush may be used.  Two coat required when using a paint brush.

Follow these installation steps so you can apply your ITC 100 HT ceramic coating:

  1. ITC 100 can be used as a final coat over ITC ITC 213, ITC 148 and ITC
    200EZ. ITC 100HT can be used as a stand-alone product if you apply it over hard refractory, brick, or ceramic fiber.

  2. Remove and repair all loose and weakened brick and hard refractory.

  3. Remove all dust from previously coated ITC and dried surfaces. Clean off all debris, dust, and grease from interior walls, doors, crown, floor, and grooves.

  4. Prepare the ITC 100 HT for spraying according to the micing instructions by adding a half-inch container of water to one full container of ITC 100 HT.

  5. Spray the entire surface with ITC 100 HT using a minimum of 80 psi air pressure. Don't rush, and don't leave any areas uncoated. The thickness of the spray coating should be around one-sixteenth of an inch to one-eighth of an inch thick. The distance of the spray nozzle to the fiber surface should be around 16 inches.

  6. Don't overspray either. Too thick of an application will cause the material to fail prematurely.

  7. Allow the coating to dry overnight.

After you apply your coating, don't use excessive heat to dry the coating during the first 24 hours after application. You can either use fans to move the air, or simply leave it to dry overnight. The first during should be started with a lower heat to start for roughly six hours.

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