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These Great Old-Fashioned Square head lag bolts can give a much more traditional look.   Some of the square head lag bolts we sell are old stock and finish can vary from flat to glossy

500 piece discount = 20% off

1000 piece discount = 30% off

  • Plain Lag Bolts - grade 2, no finish, may have been oiled to keep from rusting.
  • Black Oxide, followed by an appropriate post-treatment, provides limited added corrosion protection to the surface of the metal, prolonging service and increasing the shelf-life of stored parts. 

Standard Thread Length - If you have a specific thread length you need please call to verify.  The minimum thread length shall be equal to one-half the nominal screw length plus 1/2" or 6”, whichever is less. Order your black lag bolts today!

Square Heads Lag Bolts

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