David Kayne

  1. Abana 2020

    Did you know that plans are well under way for the ABANA national conference in 2020?   We have already begun preparing, have you?   An amazing staff has been hard at work for an fun week of forging.

    The list of demonstrators is beyond belief.  The list of activities are never-ending and the food options look tasty.

    Check out the links below.  This is something you don't want to miss!

    Hope to see you there



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  2. To flux or not to flux ...That is the question!

    Use flux or not? The real question is do you understand what flux is for?

    Flux is used to reduce the temperature at which the surface elements (scale, impurities, etc.) become fluid on the surface of the metal. It protects the surface from erosion due to air or gas blasting against the metal. Therefore if you do not use flux you must raise the temperature enough to make the elements on the surface fluid.

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  3. Anvil Hardness

    The question we often get is how hard is the anvil. This is not a simple question.

    Hardness depends on several thngs, including:

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