Blacksmithing Coal - 50 lb. (Nut Size)

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Premium Met. Grade Bituminous Blacksmithing Coal.

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Metallurgical Grade Bituminous Blacksmith Coal  in Nut size.

While nut size is larger it also tends to have less fines.  Coal Fines. from U.S. Energy Information Administration Glossary of Terms (1969) by U.S. Energy Information Administration. Coal fines: Coal with a maximum particle size usually less than one-sixteenth inch and rarely above one-eighth inch. 

Fines are still considered coal and will clump, coke and burn.

From the Pocahontas #3 seam, mined in SE West Virginia.  


  • Size:   2.5 x 1
  • Moisture: 1.48% 
  • Ash: 7.12% 
  • Sulfur: .75% 
  • BTU/lb: 14,373 
  • BTU/lb: 15,724 (dry, ash-free) 
  • Volatile Matter: 18.63% 
  • Fixed Carbon: 79.62% (dry ash-free) 
  • Free Swelling Index (Coke Button): 9 
  • Lbs sulfur per million BTU: 0.52 
  • Pickup in 50 lb poly-woven bags or shipped in same bag split inside carton

Coal analysis report by Geochemical Testing, SomersetPA.

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