1095 Blade Stock - 3/16" x 1.25"

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1095 Cold Rolled Steel Stock - annealed

1095 steel flat stock is cold rolled and sold in 18" lengths.

1095 Carbon Steel Stock: Cold-Rolled Annealed

The highest of the carbon grades, this is a continuous cast, fine grain, fully killed steel (#5 or better). Blade blank material is low phosphorus, low sulfur, calcium treated to enhance internal cleanliness.

In the as-rolled condition, material is well suited for abrasion resistant applications. In the annealed condition, the material may be cold formed (hot forming suggested for critical bends) with excellent heat treat results.

STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS: ASTM A5684 (sheets) A830 (plates)

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: C .90/1.04 Mn .30/.50 P .020 max. S .025 max Si.15/.30

TYPICAL HARDNESS:    Annealed: Rockwell C 15-45 Approx..

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Blades, hand tools, knives, shims, & springs 

Sold in 18" lengths

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