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Kanca Leg Vise - 150 (6")

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Post Leg Vise for sale with 150mm (5.9") jaws

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Post Leg Vise for sale with 150mm (5.9") jaws

Post Leg Vise for sale with 150mm (5.9") jaws

Post Leg Vise for sale with 150mm (5.9") jaws

These go by many names through-out world.  Leg Vice, Shank Vise, Post Vise, Blacksmiths Vise and others.  Its purpose is the same for all the names though, and that is to forge on.  Whether you’re upsetting, clamping, bending or any other operation these have the strength to handle it since the load has an extra support in the leg.  Just like an anvil must have weight to send the energy into your work so too must a leg vise.  The leg vises we sell are made from modern tool steels and have been built for any of your forging tasks.  It is best mounted in a location that you can get all the way around it rather than on a bench or attached to a shelf

These leg vises are cast with striated (serrated) and heat treated jaws

  • Drop Forged screw
  • 150mm (5.9") jaw
  • 41" tall
  • 30" to mount
  • serrated jaws
  • 5" maximum jaw opening

Medium Duty

Only the original post forging vise handle should be used when tightening the leg vise.  

Using pipes and similar bars to get greater leverage is strongly discouraged

Note about Leg vises:
The movable jaw is deliberately made at a slight angle. The blacksmith vice loses more and more the parallelism of the jaws while being unscrewed. This solution allows the jaws to be paralleled for a longer time in the range in which they are most often used. If the jaws were parallel when twisted, they would not be parallel with the minimum opening..

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