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Coal/Coke Firepot
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Coal/Coke Firepot
Coal/Coke Firepot
Coal/Coke Firepot
Our Professionally engineered blacksmith fire pot is extremely heavy duty and has a minimum thickness of 1". It can handle the constant heating of coal forges and cooling that firepots must be able to handle. In order to do this it must have thickness and all parts must be cast iron. 12" x 14" (including 1" lip around pot for dropping into your forge table) actual pot area = 9" x 11.25" 3.5" deep Consider using one of our air gates and blowers for perfect performance. The approximate size hole this forge fire pot will fit into is 10.5" x 12.5" **Due to its thickness our firepot can be used with coal or coke**
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